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Great gain and quick kick. Stay in the system after last inject for a very long time.

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Description Vermodje Sustaver 1ml amp

Sustaver is a trade name of testosterone-based compound mix Sustanon. Sustaver is oil-based and consists of the following esters:

  • testosterone propionate.
  • testosterone isocaproate.
  • testosterone phenylpropionate.
  • testosterone decanoate.

Sustaver (Sustanon) is a very effective steroid. It helps bodybuilders to improve their muscle pumps, increase aggressiveness and accelerate the recovery process.

Sustaver provides both strong anabolic and androgenic action. The active substance is released slowly and gradually. Testosterone propionate features the fastest action among the mentioned ingredients, which is secured already within the first day after the injection. The other compounds activate a bit later, in several weeks.

Bodybuilders who use Sustaver in their steroid cycle report they experience the fast increase in their muscle strength and mass. Unfortunately, Sustaver can aromatize, but this action is weaker that provided by some other single-ester medicines. If you want to add Sustaver to your steroid cycle, please visit our online-store to make a purchase at

Dosage Vermodje Sustaver 1ml amp

Being a steroid drug of prolonged action, Sustaver is usually taken once or twice a week. Many bodybuilders consider this frequency to be sufficient. However, many of them use higher dosages of Sustaver in this case.

Sustaver is believed to be a long-acting testosterone drug because it contains several compounds of prolonged action. Such medicines as Testosterone, enanthate and cypionate esters provide action similar to that of Sustaver.

All bodybuilders are recommended to add some anti-estrogens to their Sustaver cycle. Athletes often report they achieve good results when Sustaver is taken at 250-500 mg weekly. If necessary, you can easily combine Sustaver with any other steroid drug. In most cases, a combination will enhance the action of testosterone.

Side effects Vermodje Sustaver 1ml amp

To avoid undesired estrogenic side effects, bodybuilders should include anti-estrogens or aromatase blockers into their cycles.

Androgenic negative effects can be reduced by taking Finasteride.

If Sustaver is taken at recommended dosages, the liver toxicity is almost never reported. As the human liver metabolize testosterone in the everyday life, it has no problems with metabolizing increased levels of testosterone, which have been caused by taking the drug in question.

Side effects of all medicines are secured in different ways depending on the individual. One bodybuilder can notice several side effects while another can see almost none of them. Usually, the following side effects caused by Sustaver were reported:

  • Pain at the site of injection;
  • Breast pain, gynecomastia;
  • Headache;
  • Water retention;
  • Swelling;
  • Hair loss;
  • Depression and nervousness;
  • Acne;
  • Prostate problems;
  • Persistent erection with pain;
  • Reduced sperm count;
  • Increased hemoglobin and erythrocyte levels;
  • Liver toxicity, etc.

To receive more information about Sustaver, it is advisable to consult your doctor or visit our online-store at

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Judging by reviews, it's good product. I look forward to my order!

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Vermodje Sustaver 1ml amp

Great gain and quick kick. Stay in the system after last inject for a very long time.

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