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Description of Vermodje Stanover 10ml vial

Stanover is a product manufactured by Vermodje Company. This medicine is commonly considered to be one of the best steroid drugs. Chemically, it has an alkyl group in the 17-alpha position.

The active substance of this medicine is Stanozolol, which is also known as one of the ingredients of such popular steroid drug as Winstrol. If you want to make a purchase, please, visit our online-store at

The product’s androgenic action is similar to that provided by testosterone. Stanover is a non-aromatized medicine. In fact, this is a very important property appreciated by many active bodybuilders worldwide. Therefore, the preparation does not provide such negative body reaction as water retention.

Dosage of Vermodje Stanover 10ml vial

Intervals between Stanover injections are pretty short because of the drug’s half-life.

It is mostly recommended to use the injectable form of Stanover. The treatment cycle shouldn’t be longer than 5-6 weeks. Usually, bodybuilders start from some initial dosage of Stanover and then increase it stepwise. By the end of the cycle, the dosage should be decreased again.

Bodybuilders often prefer to use Stanozolol in combination with some type of specific sport nutrition, which helps them to achieve the muscle relief they strive for. Injections of Stanover should be made deep inside the muscle tissue. Sportsmen usually begin from a starting dosage of about 10-20 mg of Stanozolol a day. A maintenance daily dosage is 5-10 mg. The treatment should be accompanied by a diet rich in proteins.

Bodybuilders, who want to achieve a rather quick and significant increase in their muscle mass, usually can be recommended to combine Stanozolol with Oxymetholone or methane. This is the approach that can provide a very powerful action. You can read more about this drug at our online-store at the address

Side effects of Vermodje Stanover 10ml vial

One of the most appreciated advantages of taking Stanover is the product’s non-aromatized action. Therefore, it allows an athlete to avoid a number of popular estrogenic side effects, which is not the case with many other steroid compounds. This interesting fact also means that the roll phenomenon is absent with this drug. However, there are some others side effects which can be noticed after a course of Stanozolol treatment. Some of them are described below:

  • Stanover can increase a sportsman’s blood pressure, just like many other steroid products. In this case, bodybuilders should include anti-hypertensive medicines to their cycle.
  • Another negative action is that Stanover can lead to the increase in cholesterol levels in a sportsman’s blood. While this effect can be very dangerous, athletes are usually recommended to take omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • The oral form of Stanover can cause damage to a bodybuilder’s liver. This is why the injectable form is believed to be more friendly.
  • Sometimes, bodybuilders can feel painful sensations after their workouts during a course of taking this drug.
  • High dosages of Stanover can lead to heart muscle hypertrophy in bodybuilders. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to exceed a regular dosage.

However, all side effects depend on the duration of the treatment course and dosages taken by sportsmen.

Greg 01/19/2018

I just started to use it and have some questions

Hi. I am just tried it for the first time and its impossible to say about effects for sure. All pals in gym are using it for fullness and quick bulking up, i have seen their result. Its stunning. Also I have choose this one because I have read that it allows to athlete to avoid a lots of popular estrogenic side effects. In same time I have question what I should know about real side effects of it? Maybe somebody will share with his/her personal experience?

Tom 07/14/2017

Positive results?

I train hard for competitions and want to start taking anabolic steroids to increase muscle growth. On the forums I read Vermodje Stanover is praised. Who tried it, there are positive results?

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Vermodje Stanover 10ml vial

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