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Description of SP Stanoject 10ml vial

1ml of the drug has 50mg/ml Stanozolol. The package consists of 10 ml. SP Stanoject 10ml (Stanozolol) is dihydrotestosterone derivative, which androgenic action is not actively shown, comparing with the effect of similar steroids. This drug could help to build more muscular mass, though it is not used for this purpose. It is usually taken at the definition phase.

SP Stanoject makes the testosterone protein provider less- that could cause the increase of testosterone in the blood. Stanozolol with no additional compounds makes testosterone level in blood lower, as this steroid is also called testosterone antagonist. But, if taking it together with some other steroids-their combination will increase testosterone. Level of testosterone need to be elevated for the avoidance of possible erectile problems, if you are taking just Stanozolol.

SP Stanoject (or Winstrol’s) effect is more anabolic, than the androgenic effect. It has not as strong anabolic features, as those drugs that are more powerful, but taking Stanozolol is a harmless drug choice for qualitative muscle building. The transfer of an alkyl group from one molecule to another is made by 17-alpha. That means that Stanozolol, as well as Methandienone, could be found in oral form (tablets). Anti-estrogen usage is not needed- the drug is not aromatized. Cases of gynecomastia are rare when SP Stanoject is used, even if you had this problem with the breast increase before. There also will be no fluid accumulation in body, while taking Stanozolol. Musclemen use this drug in short courses when hydrops and under-skin fat could cause problem. Cyclists, swimmers, football/basketball players, etc. also use it, as this drug elevates stamina.

Dosage of SP Stanoject 10ml vial

The optimal dosage is 30-50 mg in tablets or injections every day. Field athletes and boxers take approximately 10 mg a day. The drug course is about 4-6 weeks. It the cycle duration is increased, the risk of side effects as well increases (especially on large joints). There is a necessity of post cycle therapy (after 2-3 days of the course ending) It is should be mentioned, that some professional athletes use Stanozolol only together with testosterone. In makes the risk of bad effects lower and do not let the joint capsule to dehydrate.

Side effects of SP Stanoject 10ml vial

SP Stanoject is less harmful, than SP Stanozol (the pills are having effect on liver) While these drugs are having bad effect on the liver, the hepatoprotector preparations must be used. If the steroid is taken in the form of injection-there is a possibility of pain in the place of injection. Pain in large joints and the ligament’s damages are the most frequent side effects. To minimize the risk of SP Stanozol, it should be combined with testosterone and Nandrolone (they could be found on our shop steromarket.com). The androgenic side effects possible- boldness, acnes, problems with organism’s testosterone productivity. Other side effects, that could appear- increased level of cholesterol and myocardial hypertrophy (especially when it is used in over dosage).

Gerald Griffin 09/22/2017

Respond, please, who used this preparation.

Respond, please, who used this preparation. How should I distribute SP Stanoject and physical activity so that there is an optimal increase in muscle mass? The instructions say that it affects the liver negatively. Is not it very dangerous?

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SP Stanoject 10ml vial

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