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Description of SP Propionate 10ml vial

Active substance of SP Propionate includes 100mg/ml of Testosterone Propionate. There are 10 ml in the vial package. Pursuing the parallel with testosterone Enathate, which is more often used by the sportsmen, the hydrops appearance will be much less while taking Propionate. Some athletes claim Propionate to be not effective, as it is almost impossible to increase weight in 10 kilos a month, but Methandienone or Enathate will help reaching the expected results. Nevertheless, the musclemen, who are having long experience in taking Propionate, know, that its mixture with Primobolan or Stanozolol increase qualitative muscles growth and the disappearance of under-skin fat. So, it is suggested to take Propionate(which you could order on steromarket.com) + those anabolic drugs with low androgenic effect at the period of trainings, that take place before the competitions.

The cooperative methods of some drugs, that are not too effective by themselves, become several times more effective, when mixing them with other drugs. Testosterone compounding supports the body to get better after the workload. Adding even 1 androgen to the cycle before the competition, will help to improve the organism’s secretion of creatine-phosphate. As Propionate has shown good results for many years, sportsmen prefer that drug. Still some people buy testosterone undecanoate, which costs more and is not much investigated. One of the reasons, why testosterone Propionate is also popular -it gets in and out of the blood rapidly! That means for the athlete, that when the effect of propionate is finished, more strong steroids begin to work. In that case- taking Propionate from the start of the course increases the level of testosterone and it works like the basis for the other steroids. In fact, steroid Sustanon also includes propionate and it let starting trainings with no long preparations. Considering the doping test-you could use propionate in your preparations for the competitions. The thing is- after you have injected Propionate, the index of Testosterone/Epitestosterone in the urine becomes less, just like the index of testosterone in the blood. This index falls to the mark of 6, which is allowed (though it is higher, than it must be) There is some possibility, that the results of the trainings could be lost if the organism could be not capable to enter the metabolic condition, when large molecules are broke down into smaller units.

Dosage of SP Propionate 10ml vial

What could make the taking of Propionate uncomfortable-is the number of injections. People, who are taking high dosages- use this drug every day, but mostly it is used not rare, than 3 times a week, in other way- it would be simply useless. Women make 50 mg injections one time in 5-7 days, that gives the highest profits at the muscle quality, often without specific androgenic side effects like growth of hair on body and face, voice becoming more masculine and so on. One thing also to be mentioned- after the Propionate injections (especially, when there were no Escyclen, which has local action), the injected spot (calf/deltas/biceps) begins to look bigger, as there are some kind of gaskets inside it.

Side effects of SP Propionate 10ml vial

The affect on kidneys and liver could appear only after the high dosage. Side effects are shown as gynecomastia and acne formation, but those cases are very rare. At that drug course ending, it should not be forgotten to take Proviron (you could buy it on steromarket.com), as Propionate makes it hard for the organism to product Testosterone.

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Lord of the frogs 11/23/2017

I need some tips

Yes, there written 50 mg weekly for women. My sister likes very much this steroid, as she said. Is it good to present it for my sister (she is body builder too), or I should simply present to her somethings else? Sweets for example? Ok, it all jokes. What exactly from this site should I buy for sister.Is somebody also bought already something for his or her relatives who are in love with body building.

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SP Propionate 10ml vial

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