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Description of SP Cypionate 10ml vial

The active substance of the preparation is Testosterone Cypionate (200 mg) in each milliliter of SP Cypionate. Both enanthate and Cypionate are reconcilable, as they are testosterone esters. The effect is long-acting, when they get in blood, that is why they are used in the form of mixed with oils injections. SP Cypionate by itself, boosts muscle tension and makes them tougher. This testosterone ester turns into estrogen, that is why it is important not to forget about pure mineral water replenishment.

Dosage of SP Cypionate 10ml vial

The right dosage of SP Cypionate, (which you could find on steromarket.com) should be from 200 to 800 mg one time a week. In the situation, when the dose if higher, than 1000 mg in 7 days, the possibility of bad side effects is much higher, especially concerning the condition of the muscles.


If the overdose occurs for a single time, while taking Cypionate, there won’t be dangerous side-effects, but in the situation of continual overdoses it leads to serious problems. In this case, chemical analysis, reversal of toxicity, reimbursing of acid balance, stomach irrigation and further treatment has to be done. It is goes without saying, that there is a necessity to end up taking the preparation, wait until all the symptoms will pass and then it is possible to start taking Cypionate again, but from the minimum dosage.

Side effects of SP Cypionate 10ml vial

While the level of estrogen will be high, there is a low possibility of non-cancerous increase in the size of breast (gynecomastia).

The symptoms of this disease are: painfully erected nipples, knots on beast and feelings that cause discomfort in breast. If you know, that you are having problems with estrogen-bearing preparations, the advice is to take Tamoxifen or Proviron (you could buy them on steromarket.com) in advance, for the reduction of the symptoms at the beginning of the cycle. If you haven’t started taking those medicines at the very beginning, it is possible to start in any moment you are feeling pain in the chest, described above.

More unwanted effects, caused by some changes of male hormones to dihydrotestosterone, are the following: pores narrowing, appearance of acne, bad hair condition, increase of hair amount overall the body.

  • Problems with the prostate;
  • Vaginal hemorrhage, increasing of the sexual desire is possible when women take the drug. When taking Cypionate for a long time, excessive androgen effects in women could be shown;
  • Hirsutism, non-cancerous increase in the size of breast;
  • Seborrhea, problems with hair and skin fat secretion, pimples;
  • Stoppage of water and sodium, hydrops;
  • Elevation of calcium level in the blood;
  • Appearance of thrombus;
  • Long-termed erections, priapism;
  • Teenage boys at the age 7-12 years- penis enlargement, faster sexual development, more often cases of erections, epiphyseal could be closed before proper time;
  • Disorder in sexual reproducing organism, in the semen maturation; semen with the low concentration of sperm, less ejaculate capacity;
  • Sickness, cholestatic icterus. In case of liver transaminase levels growth, the taking of Cypionate is no longer possible.
  • Headache, oppression, aggression, nervousness, problems with sleeping, limb numbness.
  • The place of injection could be painful, red and itchy.
Bruce 07/25/2017

Good quality product?

Is it a good quality product? In what dosage should it be taken? I want, in addition to increasing the muscle mass, to improve the general vitality and increase the desire to work out.

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SP Cypionate 10ml vial

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