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Description of Radjay Trenbolone A 1ml amp

Trenbolone A is the most powerful steroid drug among all medicines used by bodybuilders worldwide. Sportsmen often call it just Tren and say they like to use it because Trenbolone Acetate is not aromatized. This medicine can show both androgenic and anabolic effects without increasing estrogen hormone levels. If this effective medicine was prescribed to you, please visit our online-store at steromarket.com and make a purchase.

Earlier, Trenbolone was noticed by sportsmen as a part of Parabolan, a famous steroid drug. They were amazed by excellent results after a Parabolan cycle. Trenbolone was widely used in cattle to increase their muscle mass and reduce fat levels.

Sportsmen report a great increase of muscle mass and strength after the treatment with Trenbolone A. Achieved muscle mass is high-quality because of lack of water retention. Therefore, all gained mass is really the pure muscle weight without any extra water. Trenbolone A does not provide fat retention as well.

The action of this medicine is much more intensive than the action of Testosterone. Trenbolone A is 5 times stronger as compared to the basic steroid. Additionally, it is worth noticing that the fat burning action of Trenbolone hormone is very powerful too and helps reduce the body fat very fast, even without following any kind of rigorous diet.

Trenbolone A (Acetate) by Radjay Company is used by bodybuilders during both bulking and cutting periods. For bulking sportsmen, it is recommended to take the drug together with Testosterone in the injectable form or Methandienone for oral use. A leading steroid combination consists of such famous drugs as Stanozolol, Testosterone and Trenbolone. It is often used in pre-contest or cutting periods and is able to lead to unexpectedly outstanding results. You definitely should include Trenbolone A in your Steroid cycle. Please, find more detailed information at steromarket.com.

Dosage of Radjay Trenbolone A 1ml amp

A 1 ml ampule of Trenbolone A manufactured by Radjay Pharmaceuticals contains 100 mg of Trenbolone Acetate. As Trenbolone Acetate shows a very fast time action, many bodybuilders believe that the product should be taken daily to keep the constant concentration of hormone in a sportsman’s blood.

The high probability of masculizing side effects makes the use of Trenbolone A undesired for female athletes. A common dosage is from 200 up to 600 mg. It should be taken weekly during a period of time that can last about 6-10 weeks.

Side effects of Radjay Trenbolone A 1ml amp

The fact is that the active substance of Trenbolone A provides suppressive action on the endogenous production of testosterone. This negative action starts very quickly and requires using the obligatory post-cycle therapy.

Trenbolone A can provide all typical kinds of androgenic-related side effects. A lot of bodybuilders who use this medicine say they suffer from night sweats. To avoid the hormonal disbalance, it is very important to maintain constant levels of hormones in a sportsman’s body by using another steroid medicine and take a correct dosage of Trenbolone A. Although bodybuilders don’t experience estrogen-related side effects, they still can suffer from certain negative progesterone effects, which are similar to estrogenic ones.

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in six weeks with it I was able to achieve result, what I had previously done in the gym for 10-12 months in a row. This is a significant progress and a shortening of time for higher results. At the same time I did not feel any negative or side effects from these drugs. On the contrary - training began to go much easier and more intense.

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Radjay Trenbolone A 1ml amp

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