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Description of Radjay Tren-Mix 10ml vial

Radjay Pharmaceuticals manufactures a medicine called Tren-Mix, which is a mixture of steroids providing both strong androgenic and high anabolic effects. All bodybuilders who take Trenbolone are always full of expectations and desire to achieve great results in terms of the muscle mass and strength. Trenbolone is a hormone that has really proven it can help you to build-up the muscle mass and make it solid and high-quality.

At the same time, Trenbolone Mix is able to significantly increase a sportsman’s strength. The fact is that the regular intake of this potent medicine can produce a noticeable increase in terms of the endurance of all body muscles. The effect can be expected already within several weeks. Bodybuilders can achieve the results they strive for even without following any special diet. A sure advantage of Trenbolone is its non-aromatizing properties.

As the active substance of Tren-Mix is not an aromatized hormone, all those who decide to use the product have absolutely no reasons to worry about experiencing possible estrogen-related side effects. High levels of estrogen, or potential feminization symptoms, is a really big problem pertaining to a vast majority of steroid drugs. Along with that, Trenbolone does not provide any water retention. You can make a purchase of this effective product at our-online store at steromarket.com.

All bodybuilders should know that Trenbolone Mix cycle can be highly effective if taking the product is combined with a diet rich in proteins. In this case, Tren-Mix stimulates metabolism and makes the fat burning processes more intense. Significant androgen properties prevent an overtraining syndrome, speed up the regeneration and make muscles look full and vascular, which is very important for all bodybuilders.

Dosage of Radjay Tren-Mix 10ml vial

Unfortunately, Tren-Mix is rather toxic, so it shouldn’t be taken during long periods of time. It is not recommended to take Trenbolone longer than during 8 weeks. Medical studies have shown that Trenbolone provides stress on a sportsman’s kidneys and liver. If this hormonal medicine is taken at high dosages, bodybuilders may notice a dark-colored urine. Sometimes, certain amounts of blood can be found in the excreted urine. This is a very dangerous sign that kidneys probably have been damaged. Sportsmen are strongly recommended to drink extra volume of liquid when they take Trenbolone. An average dosage is 1 ampule per week (75 mg). Please, visit our online-store at steromarket.com to make a purchase of this medicine.

Side effects of Radjay Tren-Mix 10ml vial

Bodybuilders suffer from increased blood pressure rather seldom, because Tren-Mix does not provide water and salt retention. Sometimes, this medicine can provoke headaches, nausea or loss of appetite. Usually, this is the case when a sportsman takes more than 1 ampule per week.

As Tren-Mix suppresses the natural testosterone production, it is recommended to take testosterone stimulators at the end of the cycle.

Bodybuilders can sometimes notice such side effects as:

  • acne;
  • clitoral hypertrophy;
  • hair loss on head;
  • dysfunction of menstrual cycles;
  • more powerful libido and aggressiveness;
  • deep male voice;
  • intensive hair growth on face, and some others.

Remember that some of these negative effects can be irreversible.

Snake Johnsson 11/30/2017


I can write few words about my story. Using this steroid by very short cycles and usually with combo of protein nutrition. Its not very mild and its need attention for clever bulking and own health safety. So I have started using it step by step and always according to recommended dosage. It brings effect if doing it with smart brain.

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Radjay Tren-Mix 10ml vial

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