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Description of Radjay Testosterone P 10ml vial Oily Solution

Testosterone Propionate, which is a product of Radjay Pharmaceuticals, has the shortest ester group among all testosterone derivatives. Therefore, this medicine manifests both several benefits and disadvantages.

As an advantage, one can notice the ability of this medicine to provide lower water retention as compared to longer-estered drugs.

As a bottle of this drug contains less ester, this means it contains a bigger share of Testosterone. This is the fact that allows to secure better results for interested bodybuilders. If you were prescribed to use this medicine, you can purchase it at our online-store at steromarket.com.

It is common knowledge that Testosterone is a natural male hormone, which is regularly produced in the male body. This vital substance controls a number of important physical and emotional characteristics. For example, the hormone is responsible for making the voice deeper, boosting sex drive and aggression, building body muscles, promoting better protein synthesis etc.

Dosage of Radjay Testosterone P 10ml vial Oily Solution

Probably the gravest disadvantage is that bodybuilders should make injections of Testosterone Propionate very frequently, every other day maximum. An average dosage can be changed depending on a bodybuilder’s individual needs and characteristics, but usually it falls in the range of 50-300 mg.

The propionate ester is released slowly, but the process is active for several days only. However, Testosterone Propionate acts faster than other testosterone forms, in particular cypionate or enanthate, but at the same time this medicine should be injected more frequently to maintain stable hormone levels in a sportsman’s blood. Bodybuilders can feel pain on the injection spot.

Some sportsmen consider this form of Testosterone to be the mildest one. So they often willingly use it in the course of their diet or cutting periods.

Side effects of Radjay Testosterone P 10ml vial Oily Solution

The major negative effect of Testosterone is its ability to aromatize, which can be a cause of excessive estrogen levels. This condition is very dangerous for bodybuilders and may lead to such popular side effects as gynecomastia, water retention, extra fat levels etc. Testosterone Propionate can secure a really significant increase in volume and strength. However, it can provoke certain estrogen-related effects too.

Female bodybuilders like to use propionate form of Testosterone too as they can better control hormone levels in their body. You can find more detailed information about this Radjay product at our website steromarket.com.

Those who know they are very sensitive to probable estrogenic effects should complete their cycles with anti-estrogens such as Exemestane, Letrozole or Anastrozole. A combination of Radjay Testosterone P with Proviron or Tamoxifen can decrease a probability of gynecomastia.

Additionally, sportsmen cannot avoid side effects which are caused by the androgenic action of Testosterone P. They can experience such kinds of troubles as acne, oily skin, increased hair growth or aggression. These negative effects can be reduced to a certain extent by taking Proscar.

Also, it is strongly recommended to apply the post-cycle therapy to avoid a notorious crash effect. For this purpose, sportsmen are mostly recommended to use such drugs as Tamoxifen, Clomiphene or HCG.

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I want to avoid vascularity and xtra freakness. With help of trainings I want to have such body like Eastwood or Statham, mean classic and maybe dry and medium muscle mass size. Before I am used oral steroids but now I want to try injections. Of course I email shop assistants before. Maybe other atlethes know perfect steroid according to my quarries? It will be really great. Thank you very-very much.

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Radjay Testosterone P 10ml vial Oily Solution

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