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Description of Radjay Testosterone C 10ml vial

Testosterone Cypionate, physically, is the powder of white-colour, without any odour. Additionally, it does not dissolve in water, but still is soluble in many other liquids.

Generally, Testosterone is a sex hormone of men, which is produced in their body in a natural way. Testosterone is responsible for several male psychological and physical characteristics, for example, it can increase sex drive, fat loss and muscle gain.

мChemically, Testosterone Cypionate is an ester of regular testosterone. A chemical group in 17-beta position allows this drug to release steady for about a week. All other properties that this Radjay Company’s product exhibits are just the same as those of other testosterone compounds.

Cypionate ester is similar to testosterone enanthate, but the differences between these esters consist in their half-life and the active lifetime. Testosterone Cypionate should be injected less often than some other forms of Testosterone. If you want to choose specifically Cypionate form, please, consider visiting our online-store at steromarket.com.

Testosterone Cypionate is a preferable drug for many bodybuilders, which produces very effective results. It could be used alone or together with other medicines for better effect during a bulking cycle. This medicine is widely used in the bulking treatment.

Dosage of Radjay Testosterone C 10ml vial

The action of Testosterone Cypionate is quite long. After an injection of this Cypionate form, the substance is released steadily and slowly. The peak concentration is detected in 1-2 days after the injection date; after that moment, it declines slowly. Steady hormone levels keep in the blood since the 12th day after the injection during approximately 3 weeks.

A regular dosage is one injection of Testosterone Cypionate a week. All testosterone-contained drugs are important for every kind of steroid cycles. Using this compound alone, bodybuilders can achieve much better results. The prolonged action of testosterone mentioned above allows athletes to make injections not so often, but at the same time, to maintain stable hormone levels in their blood.

Testosterone Cypionate will be a good choice for novices in the steroid therapy. Such sportsmen can buy this medicine at our online-store at steromarket.com and find more detailed information about this and other steroid drugs there.

A regular course consists of 500 mg of the main hormone substance, which should be taken weekly during 10 weeks. If sportsmen will take the drug correctly and apply the post-therapy after cancelling Testosterone propionate, this prescription can help them to achieve the desired muscle mass. For the first steroid course, Enanthate or Cypionate forms of Testosterone are preferable. Compared to Sustanon, the Cypionate form should be injected less often and does not destabilize hormone levels in a sportsman’s blood.

Side effects of Radjay Testosterone C 10ml vial

Testosterone Cypionate converts to DHT and can cause certain estrogen-related side effects. One of the most widely known of them is gynecomastia. Testosterone Cypionate can also cause water retention, so it is not recommended to be used alone.

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Radjay Testosterone C 10ml vial

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