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Radjay Pharmaceuticals manufactures a widely known anabolic steroid Methandienone in the injectable form, which is very popular among bodybuilders all over the world. In general, Methandienone can be taken both in oral and injectable forms. Those sportsmen who want to use this medicine in order to increase their muscle mass, can purchase it at the best prices from our online-store at steromarket.com. We offer you all brands and types of this popular steroid.

An important property of Methandienone is the product’s ability to increase the protein synthesis. Along with that, it provides all typical androgenic effects characteristic to all steroids. As a result, a bodybuilder can achieve increased endurance and muscle growth. It was also reported that Radjay Methandienone is able to increase the lean muscle mass, which is highly important feature for many active bodybuilders. Another positive action of this effective product is increasing of erythrocytes count.

Methandienone manufactured by Radjay Pharmaceuticals provides both strong anabolic and androgenic actions, which allows bodybuilders to gain stronger muscles and increased mass. In terms of drug efficiency, Methandienone is considered to be one of the most potent anabolic steroid substances out there.

This Radjay product has a positive effect on the synthesis of proteins and secures a proper nitrogen balance. Strengthening bone structures due to the increase of calcium synthesis is another additional benefit of Methandienone. You definitely should incorporate this effective Radjay product into your steroid cycle. You can purchase it right now at the best prices at steromarket.com.

Dosage of Radjay Methandienone

It is strongly not recommended to exceed the dose you have been prescribed. Usually, bodybuilders take Methandienone at 50-100 mg every second day. The cycle duration can last up to 8 weeks.

As for beginners, they will be better off to take this Radjay product at about 50 mg every second day. Experienced sportsmen can increase the average dose up to 100 mg.

Bioavailability of the injectable form of Methandienone is 40% higher as compared to if it would be taken in tablets. At the same time, toxicity of the injectable form is significantly lower.

Side effects

All steroid drugs can provide some negative actions. Methandienone is not an exception in this regard. The range of possible side effects can include both insignificant individual reactions such as acne or increased breasts in male sportsmen and more serious problems like heart diseases or cancer.

If used incorrectly, Methandienone can lead to some hormonal dysfunctions in male bodybuilders, which may include gynecomastia, baldness or decreased sperm count.

If bodybuilders exceed the recommended dose, they can experience certain cardiovascular problems such as atherosclerosis, hypertension or heart attack.

Long cycles of taking this steroid can cause liver damage and even lead to hepatitis and liver tumors. Radjay Methandienone is a very effective medicine, which can effectively help bodybuilders to achieve significant desired results if the preparation is taken in reasonable doses.

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Alex 11/30/2017

good day to everybody

Anybody alive here?) I have read and analyzed steroids reviews from many athletes before going through my first course. There were doubts whether it will worth starting to take these strong drugs. But seeing the results of others - who often keep silent about their using of steroids n saying to everyone that they are clean. Although we re have noticed that for a month or two such guys are gaining at least 5 to 8+ kilograms, I can not believe that he is helped himself only with sports nutrition. I decided to try my first steroids and it was really helpfull for mass and especially for strenght gaining.

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Radjay Methandienone 100mg 10ml vial

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