Golden Dragon Testoged P 10ml vial

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Main benefit of this product is that his effects come fast.

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Active substance Testosterone Propionate
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Description of Golden Dragon Testoged P 10ml vial

The active substance of Golden Dragon Testoged P 10ml vial is Testosterone Propionate. The drug was on the outset of the androgenic steroids’ creation. Great number of athletes have appreciated the Testoged P effectiveness at fast size and power growth, and you could be one of those people! All you need is to order the drug on our site, Comparing to the rest of injectable steroids, where other types of testosterone are used, Testoged P is functioning truly fast. It means that the active life of the drug in the user’s organism, after the shot was made, will last for one full day. The drug’s androgenic and anabolic functions are the same productive. While taking this drug at the period of cutting, the musculature mass will be certainly remained.

The Golden Dragon Testoged P 10ml administration stimulates azote retention at the tissues of the body and supports synthesis of protein there as well. The drug is also useful at the support of blood rush to the musculature, and at the new muscular fibers development. For the notable muscle size increase, the drug could be combined with Nandrolone, Winstrol or Methandienone. For estrogenic bad effects avoidance, the drug is usually combined with Proviron or Tamoxifen.

Dosage of Golden Dragon Testoged P 10ml vial

The usual male dosage is from 50 to 200 mg a day; the female daily dosage has to be much lower- from 25 to 50 mg. The active functioning of testosterone propionate is achieved much faster in comparison to Cypionate and Enathate testosterones. The experienced athletes prefer such specific feature of Testoged P. If you want to try this efficient drug personally, just order it on our site - Golden Dragon Testoged P is effective for about two days, after 50mg dose administration. Though, for example, the testosterone enanthate intake is showing increased testosterone index up to 14 days, the beneficial peculiarity of Testosterone Propionate is at its rapid cleaning out from the user’s organism. This feature makes it necessary to take the drug more often, than the other testosterones (to be precise- once a day or once for two days).

The majority of steroid cycles are based on testosterone. Thanks to its features, the power and the size of athlete’s musculature are effectively increased.

Side effects of Golden Dragon Testoged P 10ml vial

As the period of Testosterone Propionate active functioning is shorten, than the period of Cypionate or Enanthate, the number of possible bad effects is smaller. In any case, there is always a probability that side effects will appear, when taking the dose higher, than it is allowed, or when the user is predisposed to bad effects’ manifestations. In order to avoid maximally, those, caused by estrogen, unwanted effects, adding anti-estrogen preparations will be necessary. The examples of most suitable drugs are Anastrozole, Proviron and Tamoxifen is. The bad effects of Testoged P are the following: pimples, baldness, chafing and inflammation of the injection spot, accelerated hair growth on the body. High blood pressure is quite rare effect of Testosterone Propionate administration. Due to serious masculinization effect of the drug, it is better for the female athletes to avoid Testoged P usage. When using too increased doses, the aromatization could take place.

Josh 07/21/2017

The best stuff out there

I have tried some other steroids, but I've never seen such a dramatic result. I got shredded right away, you could even see me changing every second or that's what I thought at least. It hasn't damaged my body. I feel strong and healthy, that's why I recommend trying out these steroids.

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Golden Dragon Testoged P 10ml vial

Main benefit of this product is that his effects come fast.

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