Golden Dragon Testoged E 10ml vial

from Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

Steroid release testosterone from the injection site slowly.

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Active substance Testosterone Enanthate
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Description of Golden Dragon Testoged E 10ml vial

The main component of Golden Dragon Testoged E 10ml vial is Testosterone Enanthate. This type of testosterone is deservedly in favor of both the bodybuilders and the athletes.

Due to the fact, that the substance of the drug is based on oil, it supports gradual testosterone spreading from the spot of injection. The reason, why that slow spreading is so valuable, is in testosterone index staying raised approximately for 14 days (sometimes it takes even 3 weeks for the testosterone level to come back to usual).

As Testosterone Enanthate period of active functioning in the human organism is quite long, it is used for several medical purposes. For example, the manifestations of hypogonadotropism are treated by means of this hormone, as well as the alike diseases with decreased levels of androgens. Like the other testosterone including steroids, this drug is having serious androgenic and anabolic features. When using Testoged E, ordered on our site, you will feel like the drug is stimulating the stamina, muscular mass and power. Even the sex drive will be increased during the administration. The intake of oxygen in the bloodstream will be elevated as well.

Testosterone Enanthate is stimulating more active retention of azote in the muscular tissues, in other words- the best results will be easily achieved. More advantages of the drug are the following: stimulated perivascular cells’ functioning (they are supporting the recovery of injured muscles); the elevation of IGF-1 index in muscular and liver tissues.

Dosage of Golden Dragon Testoged E 10ml vial

The usual weekly dosage is from 250 to 1000mg. Rarely, the experienced athletes are taking even more. The total amount of the drug per week should be separated into two shots, as the half-life of Testoged E lasts up to 5 days. The separation of the dosage will keep the blood levels invariable. For those, who are trying Testosterone Enanthate administration for the first time, it is recommended to take the drug for no longer, than 10 weeks, after ordering it on

Golden Dragon Testoged E 10ml vial is beneficial for muscular mass gaining when using it both with and without the additional drugs. The drug combines perfectly with the majority of other steroids. The examples of Testoged E additional constituents for the worthy combinations are Nandrolone, Methandienone, Boldenone. These combinations are preferred by the experienced athletes for the ability to achieve best results in mass gaining. It is better for the beginners not to stack the drugs in order to know the organism reaction to each drug’s components. There is a probability, that adding anti-estrogen preparations will be necessary during the course. At the PCT period, it is recommended to use Clomiphene or Tamoxifen.

Side effects of Golden Dragon Testoged E 10ml vial

The most possible Golden Dragon Testoged E side effects are hydrops, accelerated hair growth, gynecomastia, pimples on the skin of the back, elevated tension of blood and increased aggression. The drug is not toxic to liver if used at proper amounts.

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I like this manufacturer. The price is justified, I checked this out!

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my favorite test E!

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Golden Dragon Testoged E 10ml vial

Steroid release testosterone from the injection site slowly.

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