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Description of Golden Dragon Testoged C 10ml vial

The main component of Golden Dragon Testoged C 10ml vial is Testosterone Cypionate. This Testosterone ester is released at the form of injections. This, based on the oil, type of testosterone is having serious anabolic and androgenic features. You could make sure of them, after ordering the drug on Testoged C steroid is having a perfect set of components for the muscular growth and body power gaining, which are already valued by many bodybuilders.

Androgenic hormones are supporting the secondary sexual structures and proper male reproductive organ’s development. Those androgens, which are inside the human body, are as well beneficial at development and growth of prostatic gland, seminal glands; they are stimulating the hair growth on face and body (in men), making the larynx bigger and the vocal ligaments- thicker. They are as well helpful at body fat better spreading and at the musculature recreation.

Dosage of Golden Dragon Testoged C 10ml vial

The usual weekly dosage of Cypionate for men is from 300 to 1000 mg. For female users it is best not to take this drug at all, or to use the minimal dosage. The drug has to be injected into the muscles only. The period of drug’s active functioning in the user’s body varies, as it depends on such factors, like the speed of metabolism processes and the user’s hormonal peculiarities. Nevertheless, the active life of the drug is approximately 2 or 3 weeks. After ordering Golden Dragon Testoged C 10ml on our site, the further cycle duration should be 10 weeks (not more).

The user needs to understand, that the aromatizing ability of the drug, together with its speed of turning to estrogen, are high. In addition, the hydrops’ appearing is more possible, than during other steroids’ administration. Golden Dragon Testoged C 10ml usage will not be appropriate during the period of cutting, though with the help of the drug, huge muscle mass achievement will be quite possible. In bodybuilding, the combinations of Testoged+Deca/Oxymetholone/Trenbolone/Methandienone/Equipoise will bring efficient results. In order to hydrops’ formation minimization, it is better to use Proviron or Tamoxifen together with Testoged C.

Side Effects of Golden Dragon Testoged C 10ml vial

The most possible side effects of the drug are accelerated hair growth on face and body, non-cancer breast size increase, hydrops, increase of body fat amount and skin fat secretion, pimples, painfully sensitive nipples, sexual desire reduction/ shrinkage of the testes. The masculinization bad effects are as well possible to appear in female users. Too prolonged time of administration could lead to mix of epiphysial growth centers and the process of growth would be discontinued.

Golden Dragon Testoged C 10ml together with the drugs, which are close to its features, are having such specific features, like the retention of natrium, azote, potassium and phosphorus. They are also making the calcium secretion in the urine less. The drug is accelerating the anabolism of proteins, at the same time making the catabolism of proteins slower. The appropriate amount of proteins and calories taken during the course will normalize the balance of nitrogen in the organism.

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Mr. Bull 11/23/2017

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Hi guys! So, to begin with tell me somebody about your opinion about it? Better tell me ur expireience while using. Is it possible to bulking up and to boost muscle mass correctly with this drug? Before it in general i have used protein in pills n gainers in powder, creatine and a bit of q10 for energy.

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Golden Dragon Testoged C 10ml vial

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