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Description of Golden Dragon Sustaged 10ml vial

The main component of Golden Dragon Sustaged 10ml vial is the Mix of Testosterones Sustanon. In addition, different esters are included to the composition of this steroid. The drug is known, for example, under the name of Test-Mix , Omnadren, Sustrone, Sustamed, Super-Test, Estandron, Sustaxyl and many other.

The pellucid oily substance of the drug is used at the form of injections. The main components are having strong anabolic and androgenic features, which are truly supportive at muscular mass and power gaining. You are able to value the results of Sustaged administration in nearly all of the cycles, after buying the drug on our site, Not only the experienced athletes and bodybuilders prefer the drug, but also those, who are just entering on the path of musculature recreation and building. However, the drug does not suit for the period of pre-contests’ trainings.

The male medical purposes of the drug are to treat different types of infertility, cases of androgen deficiency and the climacterium virile symptoms. The female medical purposes of the drug are to treat the cases of endometriosis, breast cancer and hysteromyoma. The drug is used for osteoporosis treatment for both sexes.

Dosage of Golden Dragon Sustaged 10ml vial

The common weekly dosage for men is from 500 up to 1000 mg. Female athletes are as well using the drug. The best weekly dosage for women is from 50 to 100 mg. Considering the athlete’s goal for Golden Dragon Sustaged 10ml usage, the course duration could be from 8 weeks, and even up to 20 weeks. The drug is known to stay active at the organism for 3 or 4 weeks. While taking the course, the drug could be combined with Oxymetholone, Stanozolol or Methandienone. The drugs with anti-estrogenic functions are also used together with Sustaged. The examples of these drugs are Mesterolone, Tamoxifen and Anastrozole. You can look for all of described above drugs on our site, The right way of keeping the drug is far from children, at dry, dark place, with temperature ranges from 15 to 25 ° C.

As long as the cycle is finished, it could be recommended to rectify the processes in the user’s organism with the help of Tamoxifen plus HCG and Clomiphene combination.

Side Effects of Golden Dragon Sustaged 10ml vial

The most possible Sustaged side effects are pimples, increased skin fat secretion, aggression, onset of baldness symptoms, problematic secretion of own user’s hormones, headaches, sickness, increased sex drive, cholestatic jaundice, high liver transaminase index. In addition, women could face the problem of masculinization.

There is a list of Sustaged contraindications, which are increased sensitivity to the components, breast or prostate cancer, manifestations of prostate hyperplasia, hydrops, nephrosis, increased calcium levels in blood, liver diseases, saccharine disease, coronary cardiac accident or cardiac insufficiency, arterial lipidosis (elderly users), childbearing and lactation periods.

If the drug has been accidentally taken at the increased doses, the harmful impact will not be strong, but, when the increased doses are taken permanently, there is a possibility of priapism effect.

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Benjamin Garret 11/25/2017


Normal and effective drug for medium price. Balanced in anabolic and androgenic features. Maybe somebody used it too? Bot of course never use it at increased doses and develop everything step by step.

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Golden Dragon Sustaged 10ml vial

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