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Golden Dragon Trenoged-E 10ml vial

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Active substance Trenbolone Enanthate
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Golden Dragon Trenoged-E 10ml vial

Description of Golden Dragon Trenoged-E 10ml vial

Golden Dragon Trenoged-E 10ml is a very effective and popular among bodybuilders injectable steroid with special properties, which are not always apparent to users. To determine whether you fit Golden Dragon Trenoged-E we collected all the facts about the steroid. To increase the efficiency of the disintegration period of trenbolone, it is added to the Golden Dragon Trenoged-E 10ml in kind. When interacting with the androgen receptor in cells trenbolone produced as a metabolite. Compared to testosterone, Trenbolone has a very high androgenic radius: 500 compared to 100 of testosterone. Thanks to the high androgen and changes in the combination of estrogen and androgen, the steroid has a high efficiency and value for bodybuilders: muscle mass is growing strong and solid, the water does not stay in the body. And that isn't all. Due to the interaction of androgens in fat and muscle A.R cells, there occurs a direct effect on the combustion process of fatty tissue. That is, the more is the interaction of androgens in A.R cells, the more there is a fat-burning effect. As the use of some steroids increases the content of A.R cells, they are used together with the steroid. For example, in conjunction with the testosterone, the effect of the process of fat loss is maximized.

Thanks to Trenbolone there is the formation of red blood cells, the speed of production of glycogen in the body increases, and the recovery rate improves .The effects from steroid depends on the number of taken doses. Only this leads to muscle growth and body composition. However, it is important to note that Golden Dragon Trenoged-E affects the mental state of a person by increasing the number of chemicals in the brain cortex, which can lead to manifestations of aggression. However, this effect can be considered beneficial for athletes who need to improve speed and power performance.

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Dosage of Golden Dragon Trenoged-E 10ml vial

It is needed to use the drug only once every seven days. In one portion the average dose for man is in the range from 200 to 600 mg. As for women, they absolutely do not recommend taking Golden Dragon Trenoged-E because it has a high effect of masculinization. The steroid can be used in conjunction with compounds such as Winstrol or Primobolan. These anabolic steroids do not aromatize in the body and contribute to the growth of lean muscle mass. At the same time, such drugs as Dianabol or Testosterone can be used. After the end of the cycle to consolidate the obtained results and to recover the body it is recommended to take HCG, Clomiphene or Tamoxifene.

Side effects of Golden Dragon Trenoged-E 10ml vial

The chemical structure of steroid prevents it from aromatizing in the human body and therefore does not accumulate estrogen in the body. Golden Dragon Trenoged-E makes no such negative effects as breast growth (men), water retention in the organism and reducing the fat burning process. Golden Dragon Trenoged-E exhibits resistance to 5- alpha-reductase enzyme. This is a very dangerous enzyme, which leads to unpleasant effects such as hair loss, oily skin, the appearance of acne, prostate enlargement. Golden Dragon Trenoged-E has the properties of a progestin and interacts with the female sex hormone progesterone. This interaction can provide such unpleasant consequences, as the growth of breast, testicular atrophy (men), increased cholesterol levels in the blood, violation of liver and kidney functions. These effects can be combated by taking along with Golden Dragon Trenoged-E such steroids as Letrozole, Exemestane (anti-estrogen) and HCG used. Powerful function of progestin of Golden Dragon Trenoged-E 10ml can suppress natural testosterone production in the body for a long time, which can lead to a decrease in sexual activity and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is very important along with Golden Dragon Trenoged-E taking testosterone. To maintain a constant level in the blood of trenbolone, it is necessary to take frequent injections. So, the main side effects of Golden Dragon Trenoged-E can be insomnia, aggression, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure. But all of these side effects can be reduced or even completely removed.

Golden Dragon Trenoged-E is an excellent choice for athletes and bodybuilders for the fast and high-quality results. Buy Golden Dragon Trenoged-E, please visit

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Viktor 11/21/2017

A good steroid

The best prep for gain.The result with intensive trainings is noticeable in a week.

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Golden Dragon Trenoged-E 10ml vial

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