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Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml vial

Description of Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml vial

Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml is a very strong anabolic steroid. It is injected into the human body with the help of the injection. For bodybuilders, this steroid is an excellent choice for achieving the rapid muscle growth effect. Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml has different properties and all properties of the steroid must be defined in details to see if it fits exactly to you. The structure of GOLDEN DRAGON Trenoged 10ml includes Trenbolone. This hormone has high androgenic abilities. Trenbolone includes to Golden Dragon Trenoged in its natural form. This amazing hormone has a ratio of androgen- 500, while the testosterone only 100. Such high androgenic properties allow the steroid to work better and more efficiently. The liquid in the body is not delayed, and it has a beneficial impact on the nutritious partition. Androgen is concentrated in fat and muscle cells. Under the influence of androgens on the A.R cells, there occurs an effective burning of fat. The more androgen interacts on these cells, the more obvious the burning of the fat process. Thanks to several different types of steroids the number of A.R cells in the muscle and fat tissue may enlarge so that some bodybuilders stimulate the fat burning process and take other components. One of such components is testosterone. Trenbolone favorably affects the body, increases the production of glycogen and red blood cells. Learn more information you can at

Dosage of Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml vial

Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml is used by bodybuilders in order to achieve the better muscle growth. The optimal dose for bodybuilders is from about 200 to 1400 mg per week. It is desirable to separate at least one injection every two days, as the Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml has a short period of metabolic. Injection of Trenbolone enanthate can be done only once a week.

Side effects of Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml vial

The chemical structure of Golden Dragon Trenoged10ml allows the drug to be resistant to the processes of aromatization. Therefore, trenbolone doesn’t convert into estrogen and does not cause side effects such as reduction of fat loss, fluid accumulation, breast growth (males). Also, Golden Dragon Trenoged 10 ml exhibits the resistance of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, thereby avoiding the side effects of an enlarged prostate and hair loss, acne and increasing of fat on skin. Golden Dragon Trenoged10 ml is known more as a progestin. Progestin has a strong interaction with the progesterone. It is a female hormone. This may lead to faster growth of the breast. However, these side effects can easily be eliminated by anti-estrogenic drugs-estrogens Letrozole or Exemestane.

It may also be testicular atrophy, but it can be prevented by taking periodically throughout the course of the steroid the drug HCG used. It is very important by taking Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml to monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood, to monitor violations of kidney function and liver enzymes because the steroid can have a negative impact on these functions in the body. Also, Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml leads to a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction. To prevent this, it is imperative to take together with trenbolone a testosterone.

Side effects from the Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml that occur over a short period of time may be manifested in insomnia, decreased sexual libido, and the increase of blood pressure. This steroid is better not to take by the women because the effects of masculinization for them will be very strong. There is a myth among bodybuilders that prolonged use of Golden Dragon Trenoged10ml can damage the kidneys, but it has not been scientifically proven.

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I want to start taking the drug Golden Dragon Trenoged

I want to start taking the drug Golden Dragon Trenoged, but I read the instructions and saw that there are some undesirable side effects. Are there any drugs that minimize or reduce these side effects?

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Golden Dragon Trenoged 10ml vial

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