Golden Dragon Testoged P 1ml amp

from Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

Increases muscle mass and strength. Burns fat, increases the prominence.

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Active substance Testosterone Propionate
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Description of Golden Dragon Testoged P 1ml

Golden Dragon Testoged P 1 ml is the injectable steroid which contains a Testosterone Propionate. You can buy it on This male sex hormone is characterized by biological and medicinal properties of the natural hormone. It possesses the expressed androgenic properties. The male body, in comparison to the female body, is inherent in a lot of androgens. Their formation occurs in the testes and adrenal cortex. Also, it manifests itself as a steroid anabolic agent increasing protein synthesis in the body. Testosterone acts on the body increasing the weight and reducing the liquid outlet from it. The use of high doses of the Golden Dragon Testoged P 1ml contributes to the suppression of pituitary gonadotropin, on the contrary, the small doses of the drug, stimulate this process. Steroid affects the breast metastasis, preventing the occurrence of tumors.

Side effects of Golden Dragon Testoged P 1ml

Golden Dragon Testoged P1 ml in the flavoring process can be transformed into dihydrotestosterone and estrogen. These derivatives are the cause of many adverse effects such as water retention, gynecomastia (due to estrogen) and an increase of prostate, hair loss (DHT). To counteract the harmful effects, together with testosterone you must take anti-estrogenic compounds and estrogen blockers. Against hair loss, and even for the prevention of acne effectively to apply special shampoo or Finasteride which is sold as Proscar of 5mg or Propecia on tablets of 1 mg. Both agents perfectly interact with testosterone, preventing adverse effects. But they are effective only if there is a problem of hair loss - or it is useless to use them. As is the case with all steroids Golden Dragon Testoged 1ml affects lipid levels and blood pressure. But these processes can and must be controlled dieting and doing cardio workouts during the entire admission cycle.

Stacking with Golden Dragon Testoged P 1 ml

All agents are compatible with the Golden Dragon Testoged P 1ml Testosterone Propionate. Many bodybuilders prefer using Boldenone Undecylenate or Nandrolone Decanoate along with Trenbolone Acetate, Drostanolone Enanthate and Propionate and / or Stanozolol of Winstrol. But, frankly, almost all of the additional drugs work perfectly with Golden Dragon Testoged P 1ml. It is important that the steroid contains little ester, so athletes prefer to combine it with anabolic with a low content of ether. Because the greater effect requires frequent injections, it is necessary to match drugs according to their main characteristics. Another important point is that the Golden Dragon Testoged P 1ml can be used in so-called "frontloading" system. Under this system during the first two weeks of the cycle, athletes take a double and a triple dose of steroid, in order to move on to preparations with a higher content of ether. The idea of this system is to achieve a higher level of concentration of the drug in the blood and therefore achieve results faster. You can order the Golden Dragon Testoged P at the

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Trevor Rivers 11/23/2017

Hello Bro

Man, I really like design of this pack ! Its really beautiful such golden and black colors only. Perfect as gift for friend who visiting gym, you know. But bro, here you wrote that their products are very good. Did you ever used this one? I want to buy it, as I have read its natural hormone. Last weeks I am upgrading my legs, now I want to build shoulders and hands, thats why I need additional stamina.

jockstrap 02/01/2017


Golden Dragon makes good products at very low price! Like it

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Golden Dragon Testoged P 1ml amp

Increases muscle mass and strength. Burns fat, increases the prominence.

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