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Golden Dragon Sustaged 1ml amp

from Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

Sust is a blend of long and short acting testosterones. Designed to provide a steady release of test.

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Active substance Sustanon
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Description of Golden Dragon Sustaged 1ml amp

Golden Dragon Sustaged 1ml (Sustanon 250) is a mixture. The components are: testosterone isocaprote (60mg), testosterone decanoate (100mg), testosterone phenylpropionate (60mg) and testosterone propionate (30 mg). It has a positive effect on muscle and strange mass — it grows them. It represents an injectable anabolic steroid. Basically it is used as a drug for muscle growth because it also has pronounced androgenic and strong anabolic activity. The components of the medicine have a capability to restrain water and to aromatize quite easily. It decreases secretion of natural testosterone quite rapidly and stays active about fifteen-twenty-one days. You also can find more additional information about this steroid on the website

Dosage of Golden Dragon Sustaged 1ml amp

A recommended dosage of Golden Dragon Sustaged 1 ml is up to one thousand mg. per week. Despite on the fact, that Sustanon has activity in the body for three weeks, it is recommended to take injections at least every nine-ten days. Potent orals steroids like Methandienone and Oxymetholone are combined with Sustaged 1ml quite well. Although it could work more effectively with Winstrol or Trenbolone if the sportsman wants to keep its body in good condition. Some people employ a conjunction of Tamoxifen and Mesterolone. Others try an anti-aromatase like, for example, Exemestane, Letrozole or Anastrozole with a purpose to control effects related with estrogen.

Side effects of Golden Dragon Sustaged 1ml amp

The basic side effects are: sleep disorders, acne, sexual overstimulation, accelerated hair loss, nausea, aggression, headache, possible liver damage, depression, reduce production of the person’s natural hormones, oily skin. Side effects don’t show up quickly because of slow increasing of blood levels of testosterone. Testosterone will fall equally without reference to ester. If steps were not taken to minimize level of estrogen (female sex hormone), water would retain very rapidly and noticeable. Because of the fact, that Golden Dragon Sustaged 1ml is a very strong androgen, there are typical for this type of drugs side effects. They are: premature balding, oily skin and acne or facial hair growth. The additional medicine Prosterit must reduce side effects, which will limit the transformation of Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). You can find out more additional information about side effects on the website Since Golden Dragon Sustaged 1ml is a strong anabolic steroid, it will reduce production of natural testosterone very quickly. To avoid a hormonal crash after the conclusion of a cycle, it is recommended to use HCG or Clomiphene. Starting your therapy immediately after using the steroid has been stopped is not very productive and healthy. Until your blood androgen levels have fallen noticeable, using HCG or Clomiphene should be postponed for about two weeks. Remember the fact, that after your last using Golden Dragon Sustaged, it will act for up to thirty days.

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Max 10/07/2017

About dosage

My weight is 101 kg now. I achieved it through reduction of body fat. What about dosage for intensive training 5-6 times a week? Can i increase the dosage? Does the drug have an overdose?

Ivan 02/02/2017


I am 23 years old, train for six months 3 times a week. Weight stop to grow, want to add another 6 kg of muscle. Today, 76 kg and 170 cm height . What dosage Sustaged should I choose?

muscleman 02/01/2017

Perfect fit

Fast, More Reasonable Than Most, Great Quality. I recommend it

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Golden Dragon Sustaged 1ml amp

Sust is a blend of long and short acting testosterones. Designed to provide a steady release of test.

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