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Active substance Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
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Description of Golden Dragon Nandroged-Ph 100mg 10ml vial

Nandrolone phenylpropionate is a steroid medicine, which is widely used within the bodybuilders community. The Golden Dragon Company manufactures this preparation under the trade mane of Nandroged-Ph, which comes to the pharmaceutical market in the injectable form.

Chemically, this product is much similar to Deca, but has a shorter ester form. The phenylpropionate ester allows this steroid drug to release faster in a sportsman’s bloodstream. However, being a shorter ester form, Nandroged-Ph requires injections to be done more frequently. A lot of bodybuilders find this fact positive, because frequent injections allow them to control their hormone levels easier. To purchase this effective medicine right now, please, visit our online-store at

A lot of male bodybuilders find Nandroged-Ph the best steroid drug for their cycle. This point of view can be explained by the potential rate of side effects and positive results. Usually, the substance is injected 4-5 times per week, which minimizes the estrogen conversion and such popular problem as gynecomastia. Some problems with high blood pressure, liver enzymes or cholesterol levels are sometimes reported, not very often though.

Along with that, all active bodybuilders should remember that high dosages of Nandroged-Ph can increase the probability of undesirable effects. In general, Nandrolone phenylpropionate is considered to be a quite well-tolerated steroid medicine.

Bodybuilders can use Nandroged-Ph both in cutting and bulking phases. The preparation is often combined with such well-known medicines as Oxymetholone, Methandienone or Sustanon. A disadvantage that can be important for many sportsmen is that Nandrolone can be detected even a year after the last use. In many cases, this feature limits the use of this steroid medicine by competitive bodybuilders.

Dosage of Golden Dragon Nandroged-Ph

If your steroid cycle duration is no longer than 10 weeks, you can opt to combine Nandroged-Ph with other short ester forms. The combination of this medicine with the propionate form of testosterone is considered to be an almost perfect solution for many bodybuilders. The latter usually decide to take about 300 mg of Nandroged-Ph and testosterone propionate weekly. The cycle duration in this case is about 10 weeks. At the same time, bodybuilders should never forget to add some aromatize inhibitors to their cycle.

Side effects

Sometimes, bodybuilders report some degree of depression after the use of nandrolone. In rare cases, this medicine can also cause some erectile dysfunction and sex drive problems. However, they usually occur only when Nandroged-Ph is used at dosages of 200-400 mg weekly and when the bodybuilder does not incorporate any testosterone supplementation into his cycle.

Nandrolone can be taken by any sportsmen. This is a very effective steroid product, which provides significant positive results and few undesirable actions. Nandroged-Ph can help an athlete to reduce the body fat and increase the muscle size and strength.

Many bodybuilders report that this medicine can make tendons and joints pain less noticeable.

To purchase Nandroged-Ph by Golden Dragon at the best prices, please visit our online-store at

Thomas 07/26/2017

Quality product?

Is it a quality, effective drug? Most of all I'm interested in strengthening immunity, but also I'd like to notice a pronounced set of muscle mass and the removal of pain in the joints.

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Golden Dragon Nandroged-Ph 100mg 10ml vial

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