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Active substance Nandrolone Decanoate
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Description of Golden Dragon Nandroged 250mg 10ml vial

Nandroged is a long-acting version of Deca, a steroid drug, which is very famous among bodybuilders. It appeared on the pharmaceutical market as far back as in 1962, and nowadays it still remains one of the most popular anabolic androgenic steroids.

Chemically, Golden Dragon’s Nandroged belongs to 19-nor steroids and is manufactured on the basis of Nandrolone decanoate.

This product allows bodybuilders to build up their muscle strength and mass effectively. A lot of sportsmen prefer to use Nandroged because it can help them to achieve significant results in gaining the mass and strength without any significant risks in terms of side effects.

Nandrogen manufactured by Golden Dragon should definitely be the drug of choice for those sportsmen who want to preserve hair on their head but have too much concern about male baldness. This is because Nandroged does not convert to DHT and also does not affect a sportsman’s hairline. If you want to add this effective medicine to your steroid cycle, please visit our online-store at to make a purchase.

Along with that, weak DHT conversion can lead to decreased libido because of low levels of androgens in the sportsman’s blood. However, all bodybuilders can prevent this undesirable action by adding some testosterone-based drugs to their cycle.

Also, many bodybuilders prefer to use this medicine because of its ability to alleviate pain in a sportsman’s joints. Sometimes, this is the main reason for incorporating Nandrolone into a bodybuilder’s cycle.

Nandroged can provide water retention, so it is not recommended to use the preparation during the last stages in a contest period. Also, this product is not the best choice for people who would like to achieve dry and hard appearance.

In general, Nandroged provides strong anabolic and low androgenic action.

Unfortunately, this product of Golden Dragon can aromatize. The degree of the aromatizing action is pretty low though; in particular 5 times lower than that of testosterone. However, the probability of estrogen-related side effects is almost the same as in case of easier aromatized steroids. This is primarily because of progestogenic activity of Nandroged 250.

Dosage of Golden Dragon Nandroged

Usually, bodybuilders take Nandroged at dosages within the range of 300-1000 mg weekly. A steroid cycle can last during 8-16 weeks.

If Nandroged is used as an alleviator for joint pains, bodybuilders take it at the dosage of about 200 mg a week. The exact amount of Nandroged you need depends on both your individual characteristics and desirable results.

Side effects

Sometimes, bodybuilders may report undesirable actions, which are mostly caused by the progestogenic activity of Nandroged. Some bodybuilders may suffer from gynecomastia, water retention and decreased production of natural testosterone. In general, this Golden Dragon’s product is well-tolerated and provides significantly fewer side effects than many other steroid drugs of similar action. You definitely should add this steroid product to your cycle. You can purchase it right now at the best available prices from our online store at

Joel 07/26/2017


This is a very popular steroid, and after numerous positive reviews, I decided to try it too. For the cycle of admission, I can score 8.5 kg of muscle mass, strengthen the ligaments?

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Golden Dragon Nandroged 250mg 10ml vial

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