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Active substance Boldenone
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Golden Dragon Boldoged 10ml vial profile (as of

  • Normal Dose: 400-600mg/week (Male) 50-150 mg/week (Female)
  • Half Life: 14 - 16 days
  • Water Charge: Low
  • Aromatization: moderate
  • DHT Conversion: soft

Golden DRAGON Boldoged - Boldenone Undecylenate more noted as exchange name Equipoise. It is a most loved veterinary steroid of numerous competitors. Its belongings are firmly anabolic, and just decently androgenic. The movement of Boldenone Undecylenate is for the most part anabolic, with a low androgenic power. It has a way too long half-vivacity, and pop up on a steroid check up to 5 months.

Golden DRAGON Boldoged will build nitrogen maintenance, protein union, expands hunger and invigorates the arrival of erythropoietin in the kidneys. The medication is regularly utilized as a part of doping inside lifting weights, despite the fact that this utilization is illicit. On the off chance that proposed to help with lifting weights, the medication is taken as a major aspect of a steroid pile of other anabolic steroids, more often than not with a powerful androgen like testosterone inasmuch as the "base" of the stack.

Golden Dragon Boldoged is frequently utilized by muscle heads as a part of both off-period and under-challenge. Since it has comparable features to methandienone (methylated Boldenone), it is a most loved for including quality and measurement. Another reason Boldenone is so well known for building is on the grounds that it expands the longing; this is additionally a reason numerous competitors will avoid it pre-challenge. Golden DRAGON Boldoged is surely understood for expanding vascularity while planning for a working out challenge.

Golden Dragon Boldoged 10ml vial measurement

Measurement Average of Golden Dragon Boldoged are 200-600 mg for each week. Infusions are generally taken each other day. In the event that high volume infusions are made too much of the time to the same infusion site, an oil ulcer may shape. An oil canker will regularly disseminate all alone, however in compelling examples, a specialist should deplete it. Along these lines, competitors ought to take wariness and turn infusion destinations. It is stuffed in various measurements via of 10 ml 200 mg for each ml.

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Basic lifting weights measurements sort within 200 mg to 400 mg/week yet could that high as 800 mg/week. Golden Dragon Boldoged has a low rate of aromatization (around half of Testosterone), which implies it doesn't change over to estrogen effortlessly and does not bring about particularly water maintenance. Numerous Bodybuilders will find that it is a decent medication for Nandrolone. Boldenone Undeclynate is amid the drugs restricted by Major League Baseball, and in addition most other big athletic associations. Golden DRAGON Boldoged is effectively perceptible in blood check up due to its extensive metabolic half-life. Follow measures of the medication can undoubtedly be recognized for a considerable length of time after stopped use.

Bold Stacking of Golden Dragon Boldoged 10ml vial

Independent from anyone else, Golden Dragon Boldoged will give a relentless and reliable increase in mass and quality. Be that as it may, best results are accomplished when Equipoise is utilized as a part of conjunction with different steroids. Equipoise is a most loved veterinary steroid of numerous competitors. Its belongings are unequivocally anabolic, and just tolerably androgenic. Without anyone else's input, Golden Dragon Boldoged will give an enduring and predictable addition in mass and quality. In any case, best results are accomplished when Boldoged is utilized as a part of combination with the rest of steroids.Mostly, Equipoise accumulates astoundingly well with Methandienone, Oxandrolone or an injectable Testosterone based medications like Sustanon or Testosterone Cypionate. Boldoged is additionally exceptionally successful for challenge readiness since it aromatizes ineffectively.

Muscle hardness and thickness can be extraordinarily enhanced when Boldoged is consolidated with Test Enanthate 250 or Stanozolol based items from Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals, accessible in tablets as Stanozolol or in vials injectable.

Rebecca Chloe Harris 11/27/2017

What kinda drug I should use in combination?

Have bought such vials about 15-20 days ago and soon will start to using, when new month will start. This further following month I will build legs and neck. I want to combine it with other sterioids during course. With which one drug it will be better to combine? Or better to use separately?

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Golden Dragon Boldoged 10ml vial

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