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Propionate is a shorter ester. Peak levels take place after 24-36 hours.

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Active substance Testosterone Propionate
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Description of Balkan Testosterona P 1ml ampoule

Many bodybuilders are aware of the fact that the Propionate form of Testosterone is an almost perfect product that can be used in the off-season bulking phase. The body growth is caused by the increased nitrogen retention and synthesis of protein.

Additionally, this steroid medicine can help a sportsman to minimize the body fat along with growing up new muscle tissue.

All beneficial properties of this formulation provide a powerful anabolic action, which is perfect for gaining the lean muscle mass.

All Testosterone P 1ml effects can also be effectively used during a cutting period. This medicine can help active athletes to decrease their levels of the body fat without losing the lean muscle tissue.

Metabolic enhancement properties of this substance can help involved athletes to burn the extra body fat during their dieting period.

Dosage of Balkan Testosterona P

Balkan Testosterone P is an almost perfect solution for a great variety of needs, in particular during cutting and bulking periods and HRT.

The half-life of the Propionate form is pretty short. Therefore, you will need to inject this medicine every second day, which is considered to be the most effective regime. However, the frequency of Testosterone P injections is much dependent on the bodybuilder’s specific goals. Injections, when made every second day, allow to maintain stable hormone levels in the sportsman’s blood.

An average dosage lies within a range of 500-1000 mg a week. 500 mg of this Balkan product is considered to be a ‘gold standard’ for beginner sportsmen. You should definitely try to use this effective medicine during your steroid cycle. To purchase it at the best prices, please, visit our online-store at

Competitive bodybuilders and gym sportsmen sometimes can take even higher dosages of Testosterone P, in particular 1000 or 1500 mg weekly.

All bodybuilders know that the higher dose of Testosterone P they use the greater results they can expect to achieve. However, they should also remember that risks of possible side effects can increase too.

In general, the duration of the Testosterone P cycle can vary within the range of 8-16 weeks. A longer cycle duration can be more efficient. The adequate post-cycle therapy should be implemented after the end of the steroid cycle.

As the Propionate form is a short ester of Testosterone, bodybuilders can start their post-cycle therapy very quickly. For example, if your cycle was ended with the Propionate form, you can begin the recovery therapy in about 3 days after the last injection has been made. If you want to add Balkan Testosterone Propionate to your cycle, you can purchase it from our online-store at

Side effects of Balkan Testosterona P 1ml

Sometimes, bodybuilders can suffer from acne, water retention or high blood pressure. However, you should remember that the degree of possible negative reactions depends significantly on your individual characteristics.

To avoid many problems related to aromatizing properties of Testosterone P, you can supplement your cycle with such drugs as Clomiphene or Tamoxifen. This would be a good preventative measure for all bodybuilders.

Bob 01/19/2018

what about it?

Previously I have tried to be natty and tried to avoiding dirty bulking and so on. But last 4-5 years I am usually using steroids and other such drugs, now its my life and I am absolutely happy with result. But I have never using this BRAND. Is it ok? What about result and effects after using?

Ted 11/25/2017


I am almost 40 and using steroids since I was youngster. Mat, I think that anyway real body builder should try steroids but in your age you should do everything connected with steroids very slightly and step by step. Agree? Also muscle mass will grow while you growing up (you only 18 and still growing), dont forget to eat good and sleep well. I am sure that you will find brilliant steroid for you.

Matthew 01/18/2017

testosterone and age

Hello! I'm 18 years old, have trained with weights for 4 months. I want to build-up additional 8 kg of muscle mass. I feel that nutrition and exercises do not help any more. Should I test this drug or start with another one?

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Balkan Testosterona P 1ml amp

Propionate is a shorter ester. Peak levels take place after 24-36 hours.

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