Balkan Sustamed 250 1ml amp

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Contains the hormone testosterone in four different esters

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Description of Balkan Sustamed 250 1ml ampoule

The package of Balkan Sustamed 250 consists of 1ml with 250 mg/ml ampules. The active components in the solution’s 1ml are four types of testosterone. They are Testosterone Decanoate in the amount of 100 mg/ml; Testosterone Isocaproate in the amount of 60 mg/ml, Testosterone Phenylpropionate with the same 60 mg/ml, and the 30 mg/ml of Testosterone Propionate. Due to the different time of these esters’ release at the bloodstream, the testosterone indexes are staying quite coherent with often-injectable steroids. The weekly dosage, separated into 3 days will be the most convenient way of intake for the athletes and bodybuilders. It is a multi-purposed steroid, which is the most fundamental for the thumping majority of steroid cycle’s combination. This undoubted advantage of Sustamed made it very popular among the bodybuilders, who are picking it quite often. If you would like to value all the benefits of this steroid yourself, you can order it on our site,

Dosage of Balkan Sustamed 250

The most common weekly dosage is 500 mg. When using this steroid in various combinations, the weekly Sustamed dosage usually lessens to 250 mg. Mainly, the users take from 250 and up to 1000 mg weekly. It should be mentioned, that the ordinary users are not recommended to take the high doses and that those doses are extremely uncommon. Combining Sustamed with Danabol, Nandrolone Decanoate or Anapolon will support the rapid muscular mass growth. For the muscular quality improvement, the steroid is usually combined with it Primobolan, Parabolan, Oxandrolone or Stanozolol. You can find these steroids as well on our site,

When using Sustamed in the proper dosage, it has no tendency to aromatize much. However, athletes take the antiestrogens (Provimed for example) additionally to minimize the possible bad effects of estrogens. Sustamed is suppressing the user’s own testosterone production, so it will be necessary to take Clomed or HGG, after approximately six weeks from the Sustamed intake start, or just at the end of its administration. The female users are not recommended to take the long-acting testosterones, as the index of the androgen in their blood will be much elevated, and this may result in the appearance of the masculinization effects. Nevertheless, the women users, whose main purpose, most often, is the strength-gaining, sometimes take testosterone for the outstanding outcome.

The female users, who are already taking testosterone or just going to start its administration, are recommended to choose Sustamed (the injection in the amount of 250mg once in 10-14 days, six weeks maximally), or Testosterone Propionate. It is better for those, who are only starting to take steroids, not to use any testosterones, as they are not needed for the beginners.

Side effects of Balkan Sustamed 250 1ml

The possible Sustamed rare bad effects are aggression, increased skin fat secretion, elevated sexual stimulation, baldness and the own hormones’ secretion decrease. As the female bodybuilders are taking this steroid for mass-building purpose in the reduced doses, rare masculinization bad effects could appear. They are the clitoris size enlargement, loss of hair and the voice becoming deeper. The probability of harmful impact on the user’s liver is quite low, though in the increased doses, the size of the liver could become enlarged.

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Sustamed is excellent. I tried one course, heavy reps and heavy sets
All blood tests was normal after. I recommend this store!

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Balkan Sustamed 250 1ml amp

Contains the hormone testosterone in four different esters

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