How to Preserve your Muscles after a Steroid Cycle

How to Preserve your Muscles after a Steroid Cycle

When bodybuilders cycle is over

The majority of bodybuilders apply the steroids to build up muscles and great body shape. Muscle grow rapidly when using steroids, but when the cycle ends, some amount of muscles disappear. This result cannot be changed even though this effect can be reduced. Firstly, let’s discuss the processes occurring in the body when taking steroids. It’s all about the levels of hormones. Recovery is happening much faster after doing exercises, nutritious matters are processed more rapidly as well.

The glands that produce the hormones stop working when a bodybuilder use steroid on a cycle as it is the source of same hormone. Closer to the cycle ending, the body make an attempt to revert the casual state before the steroid usage. It is called a hormonal disorder. If an athlete keeps training in the same tempo during cycling, he may lose the build-up muscles. In this case the hormonal disorder must be reversed and catastatic factors have to be resolved. So it is important to comprehend how to retain the muscle mass. Hereafter we’re going to discuss about managing the above mentioned things.

During cycling the testis and glands do not operate in a standard way and they vary in size and the genuine testosterone production stops. For minimizing these effects, it is reasonable to apply the gonadotropic hormones to avoid the atrophy of testis. You have to consider that they must be used in a cycle period and not when it is ended, in other circumstances recovering will take more time and muscle mass will lose its shape quite fast. The latest information about dosage and usage is given in the package insert and on our site

When the cycle is over, it’s necessary to decrease the estrogen level to make the hypothalamus work. It may be reached with the aid of Clomiphene and Tamoxifen Citrate. It is of importance to note that estrogen suppress the genuine testosterone production. That is why the estrogen reduction is so important, considering that this is mostly a women hormone.

Retain the muscles mass after cycling

The use of tribulus, creatine, and insulin is essential as well. Insulin effects on a human body in a good way thanks to its characteristics. These medicaments are more suitable for those who has an ectomorph type of body or those who have low metabolism and, as a result, gain the weight fast. These substances are helping to retain the muscles mass after cycling, especially when physical activity is on the high level. After finishing the process of cycling, the level of cortisol in the body is relatively high. Cortisol suppress the muscle growth; this is why it is essential to try new training schemes from time to time to reduce negative effects. During the cycle, the exercises must be executed six times a week. During recovery the training should be decreased to two times a week in an intensive tempo for short amount of time. Consequently, each muscle group should be worked out once a week. Such scheme will provide the retention of muscles and proper recovery.

In accordance with the above mentioned, recommend you some significant rules to follow:

  • Enough sleeping
  • Exclude the cardio training
  • Take caloric food
  • Choose more protein food

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