HCG significance for men

HCG significance for men

Human chorionic gonadotropin

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone which is produced in the placenta of expectant mothers. It doesn’t really make any impact on women, but it is significant for athletes, since it has some quite impressive features. Can simulates luteinizing hormone (LH), that is produced by the hypophysis which is giving the testosterone a signal. Sexual hormones are acting through the down regulation, when there is too much of such hormones as steroids androgen or estrogen, sending the signals to the brain to block the production of LH. During a cycle that lasts for significant amount of time, in case the genuine testosterone is suppressing too long, the testes get atrophied until they stop functioning. The administrating of the luteinizing hormone can support the testes functionality, making them return to the original sizes. This is the main advantage of HCG.

Because testosterone secrets a mouse accumulation in the body, it also can have some anabolic features, but imperceptible. Consequently, it is used by sportsmen in this purposes. But for those who follow a cycle on steroids it is quite important. For keeping the muscle gain during the steroid cycles it is essential to bring the testosterone level to normal. Without a natural endocrine, response cannot keep a mass bigger than the initial one.

HCG is suppressing the testosterone secretion by luteinizing hormone replacement. HL is produced by the hypophysis as a response to the hypothalamus to secrete other hormone, gonadotropin hormone. The agent that simulates HL introduces exogenous down regulation and hypothalamus is sending a signal to block secreting the hormone gonadotropin, and implicitly that of HL. Consequently, HCG is used with Clomiphene or Tamoxifen always. When the androgen level in the body reduces, Clomiphene or Tamoxifen will be lowering the estrogenic response to steroidal, inducing deficiency that will make the hypothalamus to secrete gonadotropin hormone. It is essential that HCG will be applied in combination with one of these two meds, and its administration to be intermitted for at least a couple of weeks before taking Tamoxifen or Clomiphene.Tamoxifen

Also, continuous usage of HCG may desensitize the testes to HL, which would mean getting back where you started. Adverse effects that may be presented in some cases are pustules and defluxion or prostate atrophy, but normal use of 3-4 weeks is too short time for these effects to occur. HCG is a fertility drug that may cause high blood pressure. HCG comes in two vials, one of them is containing a powder and the second one is containing a sterile solvent. These two components should be mixed before injections. If there is a bit of substance left for a further injection, steromarket.com recommends you to put it in a fridge. HCG is applied during intensive steroid cycles to stop testicular atrophy or to get atrophied testes back to their original state. Read more useful information on steromarket.com.

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