Top 10 Steroid Myths

Top 10 Steroid Myths

Steroids Pros and Contras: How the Myths Can Litter Your Mind

Wishing to be as the Terminator (of course, Schwarzenegger’s Terminator)? Wanting to have great muscles and impressing appearance? Trying in a gym, but not successfully? We know how to make you progressing. With steroids you can convert your modest results into something really appealing and strong. Oh, we see, some people said to you that playing steroids is a bad game and it can make you hurt. Did they look like experts and gave you the reasons? You are not sure. There is a lot of noise about nothing but let us check the facts. Please find answers to the most popular myths about steroids.

1. Some people said: Using steroids you will undermine your life endurance.

We answer: Oh, really? Steroids make your red bloods count higher which results in enriching your body with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. If you have low hemoglobin you are advised to increase of proteins and go exercising. That is exactly what you do having your dose of steroids and heading to the gym. People may feel exhausting of overstraining but is not the same. All what you need is to balance you dose and your load and you will be fine and healthy with your body full of fire and power. Finally, you can go and donate your blood which very compassionate.

2. Some people said: Teens aware of your growth stunt!

We answer: There were many rumors, but nothing was proven by serious researches. Let us look to Body Building shows. Did you see many dwarfs there? We do not claim that you may grow higher using steroids, but it is not possible to insist on the opposite point seriously.

3. Some people said: you will develop erectile dysfunction taking steroid.

We answer: It is hardly possible. Steroids are not ball cutters they are anabolic. Don’t you believe? Read a description. There is a side effect: you testicles may decrease in size but it is not forever. When you finish your course they will restore. We are not cheating you, you are better to have a proper partner.

4. Some people said: steroids can benefit you for a short time, but, then, you lose your power.

We answer: Yes, steroids are not the Tiger Balm from China Town that makes you feel mighty one, and you cannot shape your body only by using one or another pill. Steroids are supplementary mean to support your body and get maximum of your training. Keep training and you will see the effect. At the same time, you should maintain healthy living, have a proper diet rich in proteins and vitamins and sleep enough – all of these will help you not to lose your power. It is not about steroids, it is about life style.

5. Some peoples said: Steroids lead to baldness.

We answer: It is not really true. Baldness is a genetic condition, or an autoimmune disease. It is developed in some men as a result of harmful activity of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a byproduct of testosterone synthesis produced via the activity of enzyme of 5-alpha reductase. Is it clear? We hope so. But what does it mean in simple words? It is not testosterone that is responsible for hair loss, but 5-alpha reductase and increasing of testosterone could automatically cause baldness. It is the same as to say that erection is responsible for hair loss. But yes, there is some evidence that steroids could cause intensified hair loss, and if you are concerned, you have to weigh all the pros and contras of using steroid.

6. Some people said: Steroids will ruin your liver.

We answer: Yes, the liver is a serious issue you should take care of it. Do not drink alcohol! Do not eat sugar! Throw away all of your prescription drugs (have you ever read their side effects?)! Maintain a healthy weight! Exclude vitamin A from your diet! Do not drink soda and cola! What else? Is your diet rich in trans fats? And what is about saturated fats? Huh! Are you still concerned about steroid? We do not claim that steroid are absolutely neutral and never can damage you liver, but they are not more dangerous than all of those things listed. Take them wisely as medicine, without overdosing and have an advice of your doctor, if you have any doubts.

7. Some people said: One man had committed suicide because of using steroids, what a bad luck in his 87!

We answer: Oh really? Did you investigate, why he lived such a long life? Probably, he did because of a healthy lifestyle. Depression, mental disorders, sorrows, bad smell from your mount – you can’t blame steroids for all of those bad things. Steroids make you feel better and positively because of high levels of testosterone. You could ask your girlfriend.

8. Some people said: Have you ever seen those women looking as they were men? They used steroids!

We answer: We do not know what those women look like as we have never seen them, but we know that using right type of steroids you could not ruin your feminine beauty. Yes, women have some unwanted effects of the sex related kind as some hairs in the wrong places and clitoral enlargement. But did you know that overworking in business also could raise a testosterone level in women, and nobody claims and sends those women to the kitchen? Men and women have the same rights to work and to exercise. Do not forget to eat after that, which is important.

9. Some people said: You have an increased risk of prostate cancer using steroids.

We answer: Sorry, but you also have a risk of prostate cancer without using any steroids. It is the most common type of cancer in men. Did you know that 1 man of 7 is diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime? It is an official statistic of the American Cancer Society. And many of the men were diagnosed with prostate cancer during the autopsy: that means they lived without knowing their diagnoses. You should re-read #6, it is the same kind of issues. Using of ibuprofen is dangerous too.

10. Some people said: Uncontrolled aggression is the result of using steroids.

We answer: Aggression is the product of the product both of the Nature and our mind. All of us have a wild animal inside and it is our good will to control that animal. We could not blame steroid for being rage as well as we could not blame alcohol for our desire to hurt you. There is no Devil in the bottle and there is no Evil in the pill. We are the people to control our affects, and among the propaganda of “good” and “bad” things we should not lose our feeling of reality. And sorry for using word “testosterone” again, but we could not blame it for aggression, because it means to blame being a man.

Let’s leave the Myths of steroids rest in peace and be a positive and wise. Steroids are drugs, but not the World Evil. Are you still eating sugar? Then, you can try steroids too.

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