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Description Balkan Strombaject Aqua 1ml ampoule

Strombaject Aqua is also known as Winstrol, Winstrol Depot, Winny and Stromba. The steroid is the SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals’ SRL fresh product. To be more precise, it is an analogue (or a renewed form) of the injectable Stanozolol (Winstrol). Like the most of the steroids, Strombaject suits perfectly for the rapid dry mass gaining. It is also beneficial for the weight loss and the fat reducing ability. What is more, Strombaject supports the elevated phosphorus and calcium storage. It means that the bones and the bone tissues will become more robust. In addition, the erythropoietin synthesis index will be elevated with the help of the steroid, what will provide the extremely important oxygen’s delivery to the tissues.

The thing, that is making Strombaject so unique, is related to the active component of the steroid, which is stanozolol. The fact is, that in comparison to a great number of steroids, this substance could be diluted with water, not with the oil. This specific feature effects the way of the intake, as its dilution is really fast. In other words, the time intervals between the Strombaject Aqua administrations have to be minimal. Often intakes is the only disadvantage of this steroid.

Unfortunately, the problem of facing the fakes always exists, when buying the steroid from the unscrupulous fabricators. You can be sure, that our site,, is offering only the recognized Strombaject Aqua steroid, as we are the legal Balkan Pharmaceuticals contractor. On our site, you are able to order only the safe and high-quality Strombaject Aqua 1ml ampule steroid, produced by the manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova). Making an order of this steroid online is no doubt the most convenient and the fastest way of buying it.

Dosage of Balkan Strombaject Aqua ampoule

Strombaject Aqua package consists of 50 mg/ml ampules. The most common male weekly dosage is 3-5 cc’s; the female- 1 or 2 cc’s. The usual, efficient, daily dose is 50 mg, but it varies from 25 to 100 mg. Its particles in the aqua suspension are decreased to micrometer and there is no usual elimination half-life. It is not difficult to understand, whether the Strombaject Aqua is authentic. All you need to do is to leave the vial undisturbed for several hours. In the proper Strombaject Aqua ampule, the water will go up, but the micronized crystal will seek the bottom. The steroid substance is of a milky-white color.

Strombaject perfectly suits the different combinations. When using it together with Methandienone, Testosterone, Parabolan and Turinabol, their properties will be splendidly strengthened, completed and harmonized by Strombaject. Combining this steroid with Nandrolone and Primobol will bring the perfect results with no bad effects. If you are interested in those almost harmless and very effective combinations, you can find the above described drugs on our site,

Side effects Balkan Strombaject Aqua

Due to the fact, that this steroid is a DHT derivative, it has no tendency to aromatizing. The DHT conversion does not take place. The HPTA lowering is not significant. The user has to take the appropriate precautions with the Strombaject injections, as they could be toxic to liver. The possible, quite rare, bad effects of the steroid are blood pressure problems, pimples and hydrops.

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Phill from the hill 11/25/2017

I will try it also

me too. and i am also will try new one from Balkan. but not only because it cheaper. I am already tried several such products from Moldova and i like it a lot. also i have found here interesting fact in product info section. there written if for example, using it together with methandienone, turinabol or testosterone their properties will be much more strengthened and harmonized by strombaject. i will note it.

Jake238 02/03/2017

not bad

I've already tried Stanozolol from another manufacturer. Decided to test Balkan, it's cheaper and not worse than other anabolics.

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Balkan Strombaject Aqua 1ml amp

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