How do I send cash?

Simply go to an office in person and send cash (check their website to find the nearest location near you) and give them whatever name you are using. Remember, sending a thousand $USD ($1,000) or more requires proof of ID. If you can not provide proof of ID for a name you are using, then orders over $1000USD will need to be split up into multiple trips. Remember, all of the "senders information" including the MTCN will be on your receipt, so remember to keep it.

Whom do I send funds to?

We will send you an EXACT name (First Name and Last Name) to transfer funds to, during checkout process.

What do I do after I have transferred funds?

After payment was made you must confirm payment by e-mail to
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with the following information:

  • a. The correct MTCN number (MoneyGram number consist of 8 digits, Western Union - 10 digits);
  • b. The exact amount of the transfer;
  • c. Sender’s first/last name;
  • d. Sender’s country;
  • e. Order ID number;

When does ship products?

Typically, we ship within 2-4 working days of receiving payment.

Well I finally placed my order! I received my Order Number by email. So now what happens?

Now, you simply wait until payment are picked up, at which point the order will be shipped within 4 days. You will receive an e-mail with the tracking number when the products are shipped, once you send another e-mail (after 4 days) requesting the tracking number.

Should I use my home address or a P.O.Box?

Our opinion is to use home address because POBOX can get more attention than home address. If you don’t have a clean home address you can rent a PERSONAL MAIL BOX (PMB) because address on letter will look like home address or you can rent a POBOX. UPS POBOX placed that sign in your place are best.

How big should my P.O. Box be?

If you get a large box, you’ll be able to collect your packages at night, after hours, when the rest of the P.O. Box Store (MBE, the UPS store, etc…) is closed. This, of course, is the safest way to go about things. Failing that, when you have a box that is too small for the package you ordered, typically the store will call you to alert you to the presence of a package, and then put a claim slip in the box. You can not, therefore, use a small box like that for after-hours pick-ups.

Have people had success using the sending countries mail tracking number for parcels?

Yes. Typically, the tracking number is very easy to trace for the customer, through the sending country and into their own.

At what point should I be concerned if my order hasn’t arrived yet?

Please allow at least 30 working days (don't count weekends) from time your packages were sent, before you inquire about a late order.

Does the United States always send out seizure letters when a package is seized?

Usually, yes, but in some rare cases takes much longer to receive letter from custom. Anyway, for customers that do not receive a letter we have different methods to check if order was not receive, so you can be sure, we do not have unpleased customers.

What if there is a delivery delay?

Generally, we can find out where a given parcel is by the order number. Keep in mind local, national and/or state holidays can make mail delivery slow during certain times of year (i.e. Christmas, etc...).

What happens if my package is seized?

Even though everything is shipped with maximum discretion and care to insure no problems, and there is a very high rate of successful deliveries (99 %+), there is a possibility of risk with any international shipping that customs will stop a shipment for inspection. Since the success rate is over 99%, deliveries are guaranteed. However, in the highly unlikely event that if your package is detained by customs, I will reship 100% of the orders, upon presentation of the original seizure letter in the original envelope it came in. Please contact us for changes or amendments to this policy, if you are concerned further.

What happens in the case of items damaged in transit/shipping? (or other shipping related issues)

If you should receive your package and you find damaged items or different or less items that you ordered please take some pictures with your camera and send them along via e-mail. We replace only packages that look real before you opened and removing from original package. Once you have unwrapped everything pictures are not going to be considered, so please provide as much documentation as possible to insure we can reship and prevent the same problems from arising again.

I placed an order then received an email with my order number, but I had to change email addresses so I lost my order number and I was wondering if there was a way I could get my order number sent to my updated email address?

Simply send an e-mail to us and mention your old email address, describe what was in that order and you will receive a copy of the order e-mail you request.

I ordered products, and chose the option with tracking number included. When will I receive the tracking number?

Please remember to wait 2-4 days before requesting the tracking number. Also, kindly remember that you need to wait 2-4 days after funds are picked up, at which point you will have received an order referral number. When you are requesting the tracking number, please be sure to include the nature of your request in the “RE” line of the e-mail. Also please remember to include the Order ID Number in the “RE” line as well as in the text of the e-mail.