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Description of Balkan Primobol 1ml

Balkan Primobol 1ml ampule could be used not only at the form of injections, but at the oral form as well. The drug is also known as Primobol, Primobolan, Primobolan Depot and Primo.

The androgen caused effect of the drug is very low, the estrogenic features of the drug are not significant as well, but the anabolic features high. The drug easily connects with the receptors of the androgens, what results in the efficient body fat reduction. The athletes prefer to take Primobol while the pre-contest workouts and at the cutting period in order to save the muscular gains during the strict diet.

The drug is usually used for a continual period of time, as the gain of qualitative musculature would need some time. When it deals with an inappropriate way and the reduced time of administration, some users could find Primobol to be not very effective. As the shots of Primobol are containing the enanthate ester, the steroid should be used for 12 weeks and even for the prolonged time. The reason of it lies in the slow productivity of the steroid. The intake of this drug at the period of definition is very popular, as with its help the musculature will be developed with no fat depositions. The functioning of Primobol is close to the one of Masteron (in the opinion of some users). To make sure of all the Primobol benefits, just order it on our site,!

Dosage of Balkan Primobol 1ml

Due to the fact, that Primobol is containing enanthate, there is no use at taking less, than 400 mg of the drug weekly. The drug should be injected 1 or 2 times a week. This steroid is showing the greatest results, when it is used at the high doses. Undoubtedly, 1000 mg weekly would bring huge benefits, nevertheless the minimal weekly dosage is from 600 to 800 mg. When using the drug without the additional testosterone taking, there is a probability, that the preparation, which are stimulating the sexual potency, will be needed. When combining Primobol with testosterone, the Primo weekly dosage should be from 400 to 800 mg. This combination will increase the muscular mass and, if including the diet to your intensive workouts, the gained musculature will be noticeably more qualitative.

Trenbolone with Primobol is as well popular kind of stack.

Trenbolone Acetate+ Testosterone and Primobol combination is known to bring the greatest results.

Oxandrolone in amount of 60 or 80 mg a day+ Primobol (from 600 to 1000mg a week) is also a beneficial combination. The cycle has to take long time (minimum 8 weeks, but usually it is 12 weeks or even up to 20 weeks). The active functioning of the drug lasts for 5 or 6 weeks, so the real cycle time will be even longer. It is possible to add Clenbuterol on the cutting phase. For the bridging purpose, one ampule (250mg /ml) of Testosterone enanthate each 2-3 weeks could be used. If you are interested in any of these stacks, look for the described drugs on our site,!

Side Effects of Balkan Primobol 1ml amp

The most possible bad effects are painful bones, atherosclerosis development progression, peripheral hydrops, liver condition deterioration, hydrops, and changes at the blood analysis. Female athletes could face some masculinization effects like the voice becoming deepener, changes at the menstrual periods, skin texture modification, growth of hair on the face, and clitoris size increase. Men could face the effects of elevated growth of hair on the body and face, pimples’ appearing, increased secretion of skin fat, hair loss. There is no appetite decrease during the administration of Balkan Primobol.

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Balkan Primobol 1ml amp

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